British Journal of Diabetes



Update from the Insulin Pump Network UK

Emma G Wilmot  
HTML PDF 149-150


Diabetes and the NHS in England in November 2016

Jonathan Valabhji

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Diabetes and pruritus

Parastoo Babakinejad, Shernaz Walton
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Bariatric surgery and surgical devices in obesity management

Chinnadorai Rajeswaran, Vinod Joseph, Manish Kushe, Zaidi Zulfiqar, David McLaren, Rhodri King, Robert Ryder  
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A systematic review of the effects of impaired glucose tolerance (IGT) on the incidence of chronic kidney disease (CKD) in young adults

Ferozkhan Jadhakhan, Tom Marshall, Paramjit Gill  
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Metformin in advanced chronic kidney disease: are current guidelines overly restrictive?

Nicholas I Cole, Pauline A Swift, Rebecca J Suckling, Peter A Andrews
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Original research

Elevated serum free light chains predict cardiovascular risk in type 1 diabetes mellitus

Lauren Marie Quinn, Sheridan Mcwilliam, John P Campbell, Yan Wang, David Hughes, Mark T Drayson, Parth Narendran
HTML PDF 176-178

Learning from practice

Evaluation and assessment of the usefulness of a mail delivered personalised diabetes information booklet and the association of non-response with clinical risk: the WICKED Project

Syed MR Gillani, A Nevill, Baldev M Singh  
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